Jen is the owner of Petty Pit Stop.

She loves Taylor Swift and hates hot dogs.

Her favorite menu item is the Chicago Combo with Mozzarella Cheese

About Us

Nicole has been with the Pit Stop since 2017.

She loves crafts and the color purple and hates spiders.

Her favorite menu item is any of he Loaded Baked Potatoes.


Nikki has been with the Pit Stop since 2017.

She loves spending time with her family and hates cilantro.

Her favorite meal is the Caprese Panini and a cup of homemade soup.


Bailey joined the Pit Stop Crew in 2019.

She loves cooking & baking and hates mornings and making flatbreads.

Her favorite menu item is the Yum Yum Fried Rice.


Gracie is kicking butt in her second year with us.

She loves shopping.

Her favorite menu item is the Stuffed French Toast.


Ryleigh joined the Crew in 2021.

She is a true sandwich artist who loves 90s music and a good baked potato


Izzy is a killer cook who found her way to us this year. 

She loves to cook and create and is pretty damn good at it!

She loves a gyro, especially when one of her teammates makes it for her!


You'll find Jenna's smiling face at the push counter. She is a multi-tasking queen and always happy to help. 

She recommends the Pit Stop Pork Sammy with it's buttery bun and sweet BBQ.


Brit's our newest addition to the team. She's a jack of all trades and a quick learner, so you'll see her working all the stations.

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